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Expert Dog Trainer since 2008

We serve the San Fernando Valley Area and Los Angeles


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15 Years of Experience Training Dogs.

Hi, i´m Michael Court - Certified Dog Trainer I grew up in an environment that developed my love for animals. At home, we raised dogs, cats, parakeets, iguanas, and all sorts of birds. Although I enjoyed all these animals, I had a passion for dogs. I enjoyed their ability to learn and their loyalty. During my childhood and adult life, I spent hours training my own dogs and my friends’ dogs. As I realized that dogs become better pets when they are well trained, I decided to become a dog trainer.

Why Choose me as Your Dog Trainer?
  • +15 years of Experience
  • I Work Around your Schedule
  • Packages Available
  • Discounts for Rescue Dogs
  • Specialist on Dog Behavior

I obtained my Dog Trainer Certification at Animal Behavior College, in Los Angeles. I volunteer at public animal shelters to train and rehabilitate dogs, so they can find new homes.

Get your Dog Well Trained!. We serve the San Fernando Valley Area and Los Angeles.


Specialist Dog Trainer

Our Services

We offer a variety of services to change dog's behavior, correct unwanted behaviors, and keep dogs well exercised. Our goal is to help your dog become a better member of your family.

Training Philosophy

Positive reinforcement and motivation are essential elements of dog training.

  • Positive reinforcement is used during training. Desired dog’s behavior is obtained through motivation and consistency
  • Dogs are motivated through the use of treats, toys, and praise.
  • Dogs learn through play.

Desired Results

  • Obedience Training: Perform simple behaviors such as sit, stay, down and heel on cue.
  • Problem Solving: Elimination or prevention of common undesirable dog behaviors. For example: chewing furniture, house soiling, jumping, etc.
  • Behavior Modification: Elimination or management of a complex or dangerous behavior. For example: dog on dog aggression, dog on people aggression , separation anxiety, etc.

We Specialize on:

  • Basic Commands Training
  • Leash Manners / Off leash walkings
  • Behavior Modifications
  • Puppy Training (House Breaking)
  • Pet Sitting (Ask for prices)
  • Pet Walking
  • Group Classes
  • Private Training (Starting at $ 150)

Boarding Training Includes (1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks)

- Basic Obedience.
- Distractions.
- Off Leash Walking (2 weeks, 3 weeks).
- Manners.
- Socialization.

* Dog Evaluation required before starting training.

1 Week = $ 1500.00
2 Weeks = $ 2300.00
3 Weeks = $ 3500.00

My Goal is for you to Enjoy the Pleasures of a Well Behaved Dog GET IN TOUCH

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